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Virtual Reality Distraction Therapy


Interested in exploring how the latest technology can be easily brought into your workplace?
This brochure covers our DR.VR solution for Virtual Reality distraction therapy, including how:

  • DR.VR is an out of the box solution designed to be simple to use for all healthcare professionals (even if they have little to no experience with virtual reality)
  • DR.VR is a closed system offering 6 unique VR experiences
  • DR.VR collects data on each experiences effectiveness
  • DR.VR has a robust, independent WIFI connection, within the kit is a router which creates it’s own data connection. 

All in all, you will see how DR.VR may well be the solution you need.

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Rescape Innovations is an immersive technology company with pioneering product- DR.VR -delivers Virtual Reality solutions in the healthcare sector.


DRVR cover

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