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Phil Ashwell

Phil Ashwell
Phil Ashwell is Partnership Manager here at Rescape. He's always been a bit of tech geek, but is not much of a gamer; his era was much more Space Invaders and Mission Control (having a Atari 2600). There is nothing he loves more than introducing people to the DR.VR experiences, especially those who’ve never tried VR before. He is especially pleased to be able to work with DR.VR as he says "it really helps people, really helps them with pain, stress and anxiety, it’s amazing."

Recent Posts

04 Mar

How VR Can Be Used in the NHS

 Phil Ashwell - Rescape Innovation   The Continual Development of VR in Healthcare Looking at DR. VR as one of Rescape Innovation’s key products, we are working to understand the different needs for VR in healthcare so we can support them. We are...