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17 Apr

VR application in medical facilities

Virtual Reality (VR) is essentially a way for humans to visually connect with, manipulate, and interact with computers. That enables users to immerse with synthetic computer-generated virtual environments similar to real-life activities and events...

10 Apr

How VR Can Be Used in a Care Home Setting for People with Dementia

Introduction Dementia is a decline in cognition in one or more of the following capabilities:1

03 Apr

Why Every Pain Specialist Should Consider Virtual Reality Today

Introduction: important questions for an important problem. Can one be distracted from pain? How powerful a distraction would be needed to be effective? If such a distraction were to be incorporated into the traditional protocols for pain, would it...

27 Mar

10 Ways VR Can Be Used To Reduce Pain In A Healthcare Setting

Pain is one of the most universal of medical complaints and the most common reason why people seek medical attention. Pain, whether acute, intermittent, or chronic, can drastically affect quality of life, productivity, and performance, thereby...

19 Mar

Understanding the Effects of Virtual Reality on the Brain

Effects of Virtual Reality on Human Brain - Rita Carter Technology and the Brain

14 Mar

VR as an Artistic Medium

I've admired Chris Milk since 2010 when he made the magical The Wilderness Downtown an interactive video for Arcade Fire. Chris is an artist that understands how to use technology to connect with people, so when he launched WITH.IN I was super...

04 Mar

How VR Can Be Used in the NHS

 Phil Ashwell - Rescape Innovation   The Continual Development of VR in Healthcare Looking at DR. VR as one of Rescape Innovation’s key products, we are working to understand the different needs for VR in healthcare so we can support them. We are...

05 Feb

The Life-Changing Impact of VR for Pain Management

Every day we see patient’s helped by the our work we do using VR to allow them to manage their pain and anxiety. When we watched this incredibly inspirational talk by Kay Smith it chimed with everyone in the office. Kay is an inspiration and talks...

23 Jan

Using Virtual Reality in the Healthcare Industry

  Improving Patient Experiences Here at Rescape Innovation we bring immersive technology to the healthcare industry.  Using virtual reality, we deliver solutions that can improve the patient experience and patient well-being, as well as offering...